BUFFET BREAKFAST - from 07.30am to 09.30am

Start your day in the antique breakfast room (the original floor is itself a centuries old work of art) or in the charming garden, cool in summer and heated in winter.

Begin with typical Italian espresso or cappuccino, but American coffee is always ready as like chocolate for our little guests.

For a healhy breakfast have season fruit or fruit salad, a good choice of yoghurt and cereals together with assorted fruit juices.

The bakery gives you a large choice of croissants, krapfen, Danish, muffins, brownies, waffles, pancakes, cookies and different types of cakes.

Fresh bread and typical "white Roman pizza" is served every morning to try with sliced mortadella, ham, prosciutto and cheese or cut yourself a piece of italian cheese like Parmigiano to taste with a drop of aceto balsamico.

Enjoy our scrambled eggs and bacon with fresh or piadina.

And why not relish yourself with a glass of cool Prosecco before starting your Rome trip.